Introducing... The people of Crossroads

So, who are the people of Crossroads?

We are (and strive to be) a diverse, authentic, grace-oriented community.  But what does that look like as individuals?  As with any community, real connections happen when we extend ourselves a bit, by sharing our stories and hearts with one another. We hope the videos, written stories. and community photos on this page, will help encourage that type of connection.  
Hi, my name is Lisa and I have been a part of the Crossroads Community since 1998. I'm originally from the U.S., Southern California area. We came to the Netherlands for my husband's job, and what started out as a 3 year adventure!

When we first arrived, there weren't many international options. We found Crossroads on the Internet, went to check them out, and felt welcome and comfortable there, from the start. I'm an introvert, but have been lovingly stretched in that area during my time at Crossroads. In the early years, I served as office manager for the Crossroads Ministry Centre. Since then, it's been meaningful to see the church grow and develop and to be part of that history. I really see a value in being in community together, through good and sometimes very tough times, but in the determined direction of Christ.

What I have found life giving about Crossroads is to see the way people love and care for each other. As a former pastor once said, we're "messy." But there can be such a beauty in how we ride those times out together, that I've really come to appreciate more and more in my life.


Community Snapshots

Bonjour! I am Samuel, and I joined the Crossroads community in 2011. I was born and raised in Paris, and am here in the Netherlands as a student of European Studies.

I found Crossroads as part of my Introduction Week at school. We were sent out into the city with a pen, and our task was to visit various shops and see what we were able to trade that pen for. Many students came back with quite interesting things. I came back with a recommendation to visit Crossroads! Attending Crossroads was initially a stretch for me, as I found the teaching a bit disturbing at first, because it was different from what I had experienced in my church in Paris. Why am I still at Crossroads? Because I feel it is where God has given me a feeling of being at home.

I have found connections in Crossroads through small groups and by providing training for other small groups. What challenges me, at this stage of my life, is to find an intimacy with God. And what brings me joy? Using my spiritual gifts (teaching, intercession, encouraging).

Scripture that is meaningful for me is the "verse of the year" at my church in Paris: I Chronicles 16:11 - "Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually."

Get to know the community and its values

Three times a year we organise an Orientation Dessert. An informal evening for those that would like to know more about Crossroads and for those who are considering becoming members (or “partners” as we call it). This is an evening where the vision and values of Crossroads are explained while enjoying some delicious desserts. You will receive an orientation manual containing all the information on Crossroads, including our history, what matters most to us, and how you can become a partner.

If you would like to attend the next Orientation Dessert, please contact us.
Church office: 070-7371252 or
or sign up at the Information Table on Sunday morning.