Our story where it all began....

What began as a dream...

Crossroads began as a dream...A number of people had long been envisioning a movement of Kingdom focused churches in the major cities of Europe; churches that would be for Europeans and internationals who hungered for a vibrant, Christ-centered spiritual community in an English-speaking context. In September of 1997, Crossroads began weekly gatherings at 'Het Kruispunt', a neighborhood community centre in the suburb of Voorburg.

From the beginning Crossroads has placed a strong value on grace and cultivating authentic relationships which make a difference in our lives, our community, and our world. We have a relaxed, informal style of worship, where people can experience God’s presence and explore faith without pressure. In our Sunday celebration services, we gather together to celebrate what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. 

Crossroads immediately became and remains a very diverse community. About 2/3 of our participants are from a Dutch background and the other 1/3 come from over 30 different countries from all around the world. In this respect, we like to think of Crossroads as a little sneak preview of Heaven; a place where people from many tribes and nations gather to worship Jesus Christ.

In September of 1997 we outgrew our facility and began meeting at the British Junior  School of the Netherlands in The Hague. By 2010 we had grown to 2 services attended by about 350 adults and 100 kids on a typical Sunday. This prompted us to us begin a venue search which resulted in us moving both our offices and ministries to our location in Leidschendam in May 2015.  We enjoyed having 24/7 access to our own venue for about a year and a half. Since January 2017 our services are held at Zandvliet College at Bezuidenhoutseweg 40 in The Hague. 


Christian Associates

Since the very early stages, Crossroads has had strong ties to an organization called Communitas (formerly Christian Associates International). Communitas' mission is to establish churches which follow Jesus in transforming their world. Communitas seeks to catalyze a grassroots movement of reproducing missional/incarnational churches that will reach into today’s emerging culture and allow people to experience the life-changing relevance of Christ. Communitas currently has projects in over 30 European cities, 7 North American cities, and 3 South American cities.

The original church planting team in 1996 was a group of Communitas missionaries. Today Crossroads is a fully independent and self-sustaining church which continues to partner with Communitas in various missional initiatives. For more info about Communitas, please visit their website.


And what about the Future...

At Crossroads we believe that the best is yet to come. After a dissapointment that we could no longer stay in the Opifex we found a new great facility at Bezuidenhoutseweg and that will give us a long term prospect of being back in the heart of the city again. Also our new lead pastor William Wade has joined us in the spring of 2017. We are excited about these new opportunities and we are looking foward to what God has in store for us in this new season. Yes, by the grace of God, we have grown to become a thriving community of Christ followers who are trusting God to expand our presence and influence in The Hague and the world … for His Kingdom’s sake. You are invited to share in this adventure of faith with us.