André Crossroads Elder

Hello, my name is André Kuijvenhoven. I am married to Stefanie. We have 2 beautiful children, Daniel and Louise. In daily life I am working as a social worker in a nursing home for people who suffer from dementia, brain damage and physical disabilities. I have lived and worked abroad for almost 5 years as an aid worker, first in Romania, later on in Kosovo and Afghanistan. In the last two countries I worked for Medair. 

I have been part of Crossroads TheHague for a long time. I started coming to Crossroads in 2004 because I was looking for a faith-based community where people understood my international experience. In Crossroads people understood me and showed interest in who I am without any judgment, I have been part of the Crossroads community ever since. In my first 7 years, I served in the take-down team. Through the years, I have also been involved with the missions committee and the prayer team. For the past 12 years I have been part of two LTG’s (spiritual friendships with 2-3 people), and Stefanie and I have been taken part in various small groups. For us small groups are a safe and beautiful place to get to know new people and grow in our faith. 

The past few years my involvement has been more in the background as we went through a challenging time as a family. But as we have more space in our lives, I am blessed, with the encouragement of Stefanie (who has also served an elder in the past) to take this step of faith in serving the community.