Children's Ministry Ages 0-11

Regular Sunday Children’s Program

On arrival you can check in at the ‘Check-In table’ that is found in the hallway. Here all kids are registered and receive a their personal sticker(s) with their name. No personal sticker yet? You can registrate your child by filling out a

Child registration form.

We currently have the following groups:

All-In Sunday
Every first Sunday of the month we take a moment during the service to explore & celebrate the diversity of Crossroads. Children aged 4-11 start in the service for worship to get familiar with what we do and why. After the interactive moment they are dismissed to their classes.

AllStars is our ministry for children ages 0 to 11 attending Crossroads and their friends. We provide a Children’s program every Sunday during the service in Dutch and English with fun lessons full of activities. 

Jesus applauded the innocence of children and showed us our responsibility to care for them. With a team of passionate children's workers, we are doing our best to provide a safe environment and a diverse, quality program where children can enjoy learning, loving relationships and have fun!

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is "To reach children and help them grow into their full unique potential in becoming passionate followers of Jesus!". Our vision is that we want to help children to love God with all their heart, mind and soul. And to help them discover who they are so they can influence their world.


Other Activities, play dates  and outings 

AllStars is not only active on Sunday mornings. Throughout the year several activities are planned where kids and parents can connect like an outing to a big playground (themepark) in spring and a fun campfire party in fall. Also there's spontanuous play dates planned througout the year. For parents with babies or toddlers there's a Play Group going where the kids can play while the parents enjoy a bible study. 

Parenting Children course

AllStars aims to organize a parenting course each year to equip those parenting or caring for 0 to 11-year-olds, and parents-to-be, with long-term strategies to build a healthy family life. For the exact dates and location: see the events page

Serving with AllStars? 

AllStars functions as a team and believes in 'people with passion at the right position'. There are openings in a lot of areas of service, depending on your gifts, including group leaders and helpers, crèche caregivers, creative and worship leaders and more! All volunteers must go through an application and screening procedure. You can always contact us for a first serve! 
To apply for helping out in AllStars you can fill out an application form.

Baby dedications

Child dedication is a wonderful opportunity for parents to publicly express their desire to see God’s plans and purposes carried out in the lives of their children. It’s really about placing them in the safest hands possible! We plan baby dedications regularly throughout the year. If you would like to find out more on baby dedication or if you want to dedicate your child, please check out this section of the website or contact the office.

Contact and Information


AllStars Children's Ministry Leader 0-3 years: contact Thalia,
AllStars Children's Ministry Leader 4-11 years:
contact Veena.

More information can be found in our AllStars Handbook.
Please email us if you want to receive a copy or pick up one at the 'Check-In table' on a Sunday.