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The Stories We Tell

The Stories We Tell

We try and make sense of our lives by telling stories. Stories of where we have come from, stories of where we are going to, and stories which explain where we are right now.
Christmas is full of stories - Sinterklaas and Santa, starry nights, angels and wise men... But it is not a story limited to that moment in time.  It is the story the Bible tells from cover to cover. It is the true meta-story that our own story is a part of. This Advent we look through the eyes of the prophets to see the Christmas story - our story.

Uncomfortable Stories

Hillary Porrit
Sunday 15 December 2013
If you want a happy Christmas, maybe it's not a good idea to read the Bible. Stick to stories of Santa and his reindeer, stock up on food and wine, add a sprinkling of snow and let the traditions of Christmas keep you warm and cosy. Venture too far into the stories of the Bible and you may discover that God is calling you not to be cosy and safe, but to be part of a completely different type of story...

Stories of Reconciliation

Jeff Hancock
Sunday 08 December 2013
When Jesus was to be born, He was born in a stable because no one had space for Mary and Joseph. He was born into exile to make the way back home possible - not just for a few individuals but for humanity. He came to restore the rightful place of His children. God set Jesus to establish a people, a redemptive community. A people who find and extend refuge. A people who join Christ in the work of reconciling this beautiful and tragic world.

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