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The Songs of Christmas

The Songs of Christmas

As familiar as we are with the songs of Christmas, there are four songs recorded in the Bible to celebrate the birth of Christ that most of us aren’t familiar with.
Join us this Advent season as we look at the first Christmas songs ever written: 
Zechariah’s Song of Faith (Luke 1:67-79); The Angel’s Song of Peace (Luke 2:13-14); Mary’s Song of Trust (Luke 1:46-55); and Simeon’s song of Hope (Luke 2:29-32).

Embracing a new season

Jack LoMonaco
Sunday 15 January 2017
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The writer of Ecclessiastes tells us that God has appointed a season, a right time for every activity in life, and that the way of wisdom is to recognize and embrace the changes of season which God brings into our lives.   As we enter in a new season at Crossroads, let's explore together how we can together seek to be led by the Spirit of God into  the 'new things' which He has prepared  'for such a time as this.'

Prince of Peace

Jack LoMonaco
Sunday 25 December 2016
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When Jesus comes to rule as King on earth, the world will be filled with His peace, His justice, His righteousness. When He comes, the curse of sin will be removed from the world. The world will be restored to the beauty and glory of his original creation.  This is God's Christmas gift to everyone who puts their hope and trust in Him.

Simeon’s Song - Waiting with Expectant Hope

Charlie Allmon
Sunday 18 December 2016
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This time of year is filled with lots of expectations. For adults, these can often be negative expectations of end-of-year busyness, family drama, or maybe even loneliness. But for children, the expectations are usually quite different. They feel a sense of joy and excitement as they wait expectantly for some sort of gift or surprise. Anything is possible in those days and weeks leading up to Christmas and Sinterklaas.

Mary; A Song of Trust

Judith Tamboer
Sunday 11 December 2016
Part of the Christmas story we love so well is about the journey Joseph and Mary made to Bethlehem to register for a Roman census.  This coming Sunday we will focus on another journey that Mary made, an internal, emotional journey that involved a significant change of heart for this teenage girl who was about to give birth to the Chosen One. It’s a journey of trust. 

Zachariah: A Song of Faith: Even in silence, God is at work.

Andrew Perriman
Sunday 27 November 2016
We start our Advent series with the story of Zechariah, who finds himself literally lost for words when the angel announces that he will soon have a son. It’s an entertaining subplot in the build-up to the birth of Jesus. But Zechariah is not a mere comic walk-on part. Luke makes him the mouthpiece for a powerful prophecy about the coming kingdom of God, and he may have something to teach the church today as we seek to imagine a new future.

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