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The N Commandments

The N Commandments

Jesus gave his followers a number of commandments—and many are in the form of “N”commandments – or ‘not’ commandments. Some of Jesus' most outlandish and otherworldly commandments are the ones where He is telling them to ‘not’—be afraid; or to worry; or to sin, or to judge.  Those statements must have seemed crazy or at best like religious ‘pie-in-the sky’ talk..  But when Jesus arose from the dead he changed things – and His resurrection power has the power to transform our lives.

Judge Not, Do Judge!

Peter de Bos
Sunday 14 May 2017
In Matthew 7:1 Jesus tells us something that we all need to hear: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Yet why is it that Christians – people who have miserably failed in living up to God’s standards yet have freely received God’s cleansing and forgiveness – so often struggle in not judging those around them?  Could it be that our hearts have never truly been broken over our own sin?  Could it be that we have failed to see that Jesus despised self-righteousness and pride the most?  But neither should we overlook sin. We need to be able to recognize sin for what it is. Any attempt to overlook or justify sin on any grounds is itself sinful. Judge not.  This command from Jesus has the power to change all your relationships. 

Fear not

Quentin Pereira
Sunday 07 May 2017
As human beings we are plagued by fears of all sorts. It is at such times that we need to hear the reassuring words of our Lord that is oft repeated in the Bible - “Fear Not”, “Do not be afraid”, “Do not fear” - providing comfort, encouragement and hope. This Sunday we will reflect on seven themes of God’s goodness and love that can help us through our times of distress and fear.

Sin not

William Wade
Sunday 30 April 2017
When a woman caught in the act of adultery is thrown before Jesus, not only the Pharisees, but a world watches on to see what Jesus would do. Will he condemn her? Will he let her just walk away from it as if nothing has happened? Will he pick up the first stone? His response to both the accusers and to the accused gives an insight into God's response to us when we sin. But how does this help us in our struggle with temptation?

Do not worry

Jack LoMonaco
Sunday 23 April 2017
The future is uncertain and sometimes scary. This one truth can help you to live free of worry. When you’re tempted to borrow from tomorrow, look for a way to participate in what God is doing today. Begin your day declaring your trust in God. Before worry starts whispering in your ear, start trusting your heavenly Father who loves you. It is the greatest habit you can develop. Do not worry. What has worrying ever done for you?

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