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Spring 2014

Spring 2014


To Become A Child

Jeff Hancock
Sunday 11 May 2014
Jesus is constantly challenging His followers on where they find their identity.  So often we identify ourselves by roles that we play or things that we do.  But Jesus calls His disciples to define themselves by something fundamental and unchanging-  our status as children. To live in the Kingdom He says we must once again recapture that heart of a child.


Hilary Porrit
Sunday 04 May 2014
The movie Noah is currently playing at cinemas, and creating controversy and conversation. Join us this Sunday as we discuss the movie, the story of Noah and the questions raised
Hilary starts with an introductory video clip:

Good Grief: Finding Hope in Life’s Losses

Jack LoMonaco
Sunday 27 April 2014
When someone experiences a major loss, he or she begins a journey.  It is impossible to refuse the journey, but it can lead to very different destinations.  Like any crisis, grief can be a journey toward greater wholeness or greater brokenness

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