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Shalom in the Potter's Hands

Each of  us is in process—we are being shaped by the Potter—God Himself.  We may feel like a lump of clay, or newly formed piece, or having been refined by the fire of the kiln. Wherever you are in that process, God is making a unique masterpiece of you. It takes a lifetime for the Potter to do the work on the pot, and we must always remember who is the Potter and who is the clay. 

Shalom and the Call of Nations

Brian Newman
Sunday 20 November 2016
The People of God are called to walk in shalom, to be guides in society for the peace so desperately sought today. Yet there is one requirement for the People of God to be those agents of peace. This week we focus on that one thing.

Note: Due to privacy reasons we could not record the last part of the sermon. 

Fragile Vessels, Work of Art

Brian Newman
Sunday 13 November 2016
Have you ever wondered, "What is God doing in my life? What is He making me into?" We explore these questions this week. 

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