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Romans: Finding Freedom

Romans: Finding Freedom

In the book of Romans, God points you to the path of freedom. You'll find forgiveness for all moral failures, a new future where all things are made right, and the joy of living in community with God's people. In Romans, you will walk the road of freedom that will set you truly free!

Living in Community

Quentin Pereira
Sunday 25 June 2017
Living together with others from diverse backgrounds can lead to tensions, judgmental attitudes and sometimes even contempt. In Chapter 14 of Romans Paul teaches us how to live in harmony and unity, while still maintaining our own convictions. We are free to be ourselves, and extend this freedom to others without compromising our own principles. We strive for unity instead of uniformity, consideration instead of condemnation, and do not let our differences divide us. 

Freedom to give up the fight

William Wade
Sunday 18 June 2017
As we move into the 8th chapter of Romans, we see Paul cross the line from his own struggles in chapter 7, into the blessings which come from trusting in Jesus in chapter 8. This chapter is full of triumph, culminating in the powerful statement that 'we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.' This leaves us with a challenge in our own lives: what kind of Christians do we want to be, will we remain stuck in the struggles of Romans chapter 7, or cross over into the triumph of Romans chapter 8?

Free at last!

Peter de Bos
Sunday 11 June 2017
Romans 6 speaks of the tension between sin and grace. Grace is more powerful than sin, but are we to sin so that we can have more grace? How is it that we can choose to walk away from a life of sin, yet we can still fall back into it? These are some of the questions Paul asks in this chapter of Romans. Yet, out of all these questions comes a truth that has the power to set a person free, and it all revolves around how we view ourselves, and more importantly, how we view Jesus Christ.

Freedom for the Nations

William Wade
Sunday 04 June 2017
In Romans chapter 4, Paul brings Abraham onto the stage and speaks about how righteousness (a right relationship with God) is linked with raw faith. He also reminds the Roman Christians that Abraham is not only the 'father of us all', but is also the 'father of many nations'. Why is Paul bringing Abraham onto the scene and how does that affect not only the 1st century Roman believers, but those of us living in postmodern western Europe today?

Four words to Freedom

William Wade
Sunday 28 May 2017
When Paul wrote his letter to the Christians in Rome, he did so in order to not only educate them on their new-found faith, but also to ground them in a theology that would strengthen them no matter what kind of challenges would come. Living in first-century Rome was not easy, unless you were completely sold on the dream of the Roman empire. Holding on in faith to a crucified and risen Saviour meant that you needed to be convinced that your truth was greater than the truth of Roman culture. Paul, in Romans chapter three, shares how understanding the transforming power of salvation, even in the midst of the great city of Rome, really can set, and keep, a person free.

An urgent message to the world

Andrew Perriman
Sunday 21 May 2017
There is a clear path to freedom in Paul’s letter to the Romans—a way of forgiveness, restoration, hope, and new life in the community of God’s people. But as we begin this new series, we first take a few steps back to survey the wider landscape. What was going on in Paul’s world? What was God up to? And why does that hope of freedom still matter today?

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