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Real Faith in the Real World

Real Faith in the Real World

The book of James was written by Jesus’ half-brother around AD 45-50. It was written primarily to Jews dispersed beyond Jerusalem and has a heavy focus on making the link between faith and living out that faith in practical/spiritual everyday life. This book has been called the ‘Proverbs of the New Testament’ and as such, displays a lot of wisdom on how to live as a follower of Jesus in the real world. As we journey through this book together, we will see many relevant applications on how to live out our own faith in 21st Century The Hague.

Prayer Warriors & the Search and Rescue Team

Caroline Zwart-Candelaria
Sunday 05 November 2017
Our sincere apologies for the inconveniences, but there is no recording of the sermon. 

Taming the ears

Maurice Lubbers
Sunday 29 October 2017
James 3: 1-12

James warns the first churches for anyone wanting to compromise on the message of the Gospel. Living in 21st century Post-Christian The Hague, we, like James' church are also challenged to protect our focus on the 'real faith' in a society filled with different truths, messages and interests. 

I didn't quit

William Wade
Sunday 22 October 2017
James 5:7-12
We are tempted to view our life in Western Europe as a right and not as a gift. The first readers of James' letter lived their lives with eternity very close; either through the persecution they faced or the expectation of Jesus' return. They were encouraged to follow the example of the prophets, who kept faithful to God, even though tested. 

A Faith that is Humble

Peter de Bos
Sunday 15 October 2017
In chapter 4 James talks about worldly conflicts, friendship with the world, grace and humility. These verses are punched on us like a boxer punching his opponent, one after the other. The way James' letter works is that he is saying that those who have experienced grace, those who have experienced mercy, those who understand God give more grace, become an expert not in the weaknesses of their brothers but in the strengths of their brothers. That’s humility! To lift up other people to care for one and another. To love people, all people. 

James is saying that where we walk in true wisdom and understand the Grace of God, quarrels and fights and judgements begin to be less and less obvious. Can you imagine what would happen in our community if we would just build each other up, and would encourage each other in what God is doing in people’s lives? 

A Faith that is Wise

Quentin Pereira
Sunday 08 October 2017
While it is important to have wisdom, it is even more important to behave wisely. James shows us how we can distinguish between worldly and godly wisdom, demonstrate the characteristics of wise behaviour and bear fruit as a result of living wisely.

Step up to the Plate (Ministry Fair)

William Wade
Sunday 01 October 2017
We often hear many churches stating that they are an 'all members in ministry' type of church. But how realistic is that claim? Crossroads claims this status, and today's shorter sermon calls on the church to 'step up to the plate' and truly become a church where every member has a role to play in the life and ministry of Crossroads.

Mercy over Judgement

William Wade
Sunday 24 September 2017
In a world where judgements are made about our weight, our looks, our job and our education, as well as many other areas of life, how are we to maintain a healthy balance of treating others with mercy in spite of these judgements? James tells his hearers to show no partiality in dealing with others, and calls us to remember that 'mercy triumphs over judgement'.

Living out the Word of Truth

Charlie Allmon
Sunday 17 September 2017

The Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews that “the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing until it divides soul from spirit, joints from marrow; it is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” James echoes these thoughts as he strongly tells the early church that God’s Word is meant for action and life transformation. Come and join us this Sunday as we explore why James was so passionate about this topic and how it is just as relevant and vital for the followers of Christ today.

A faith that is tested

William Wade
Sunday 10 September 2017
Trials are often seen as a judgement or punishment from God. However, they can often provide the means to seeing God in a new way and turning out to be a powerful testimony for others. In the first chapter of James' letter, he encourages us to even see trials as a joy.

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