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Not part of a Series

Not part of a Series

Usually our sermons are part of a series, but on some occasions we have a one off sermon or a guest speaker. 

The Word of God

Charlie Allmon
Sunday 13 September 2015
As followers of Christ, we believe that the Bible is God’s expression of truth to mankind. Yet while we acknowledge its importance, many of us are more apt to read books about the Bible than the Bible itself. Join us this Sunday as we discuss ways to allow God’s Word to do what it does best... unveil God’s truth to those who seek Him.

Glory - You and I in

Charlie Allmon
Sunday 17 May 2015
The word “glory” is used in the Bible over 350 times in various passages and in a variety of ways. Although we are familiar with the word, our ideas of what it means are pretty varied and vague. Is it a bright light? Is it beauty? Is it greatness? Is it another word for heaven? Come this Sunday as we unpack the meaning of this mysterious word and see if it might have implications on how we view God and how we view ourselves.

Being and Sharing Good News

Jack LoMonaco
Sunday 12 April 2015
People are open and hungry to discover a spirituality that works.  And if they can see something real and authentic in our lives, they will be attracted to us.  Someone may dismiss our rational and persuasive arguments for our faith, but they cannot deny the testimony of a changed life.  Our lifestyle will either validate or deny the Good News we proclaim.

Into Glory

Linus Morris
Sunday 22 February 2015
Linus Morris is a special friend to Crossroads.   He and his team planted Crossroads Geneva and then Crossroads Amsterdam-  it was from Amsterdam that our own community was planted.  He is passionate about pointing others to the source of our life in Jesus.  And about reminding the Church of the phenomenal privilege we have in being agents of the gospel in our world.  God has given the Church all we need to be able to be both the recipients and the givers of God’s redeeming love.  

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