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Living in another Light

Living in another Light

The good news of Jesus changes everything.   As He did with His disciples He
continues to do in our lives as He turns upside down the normal way of seeing things.   He takes what we think is bad and repellent and redeems it such that His grace is indeed seen as perfect in our humanness.    Far from keeping us distant from Him- our doubt, sin, and weakness become the path towards intimacy with Him.

Barriers to Maturity

Hud McWilliams
Sunday 05 October 2014
God loves us exactly where we are.  He loves us too much to just leave us there.  Life in Christ is in part an invitation to develop into the people God created us to be.  Too often we allows barriers to stand in the way of the development to which God is inviting us.  Grasping our identity in Christ allows us to move past those barriers into the Jesus-life.

An Invitation to Leadership.

David Porrit
Sunday 28 September 2014
We will be looking at what Paul has to say to a young leader about this important topic in church and thinking together about how we can apply the principles in our lives and our community at Crossroads.

What's so great about being weak?

Jeff Hancock
Sunday 21 September 2014
We love strength-  indeed it is a kind of idol in our culture.  We see our own strength as a measure of our maturity and health.  But God is clear in reminding us that it is in the places of our acknowledged weakness that we discover that His strength is all we need.

What's so great about being wrong?

Helma Aniceta
Sunday 14 September 2014
Being wrong is something we try to avoid at any means. We love to be right. But what if we know we fail our own moral code towards God or people? How can we rise from shame and self loathing to forgiveness  and restoration? The story of Peter shows us how meeting the risen Jesus can transform a weak, fallible human being into a strong pillar of Gods kingdom.

What's so great about not knowing

Jeff Hancock
Sunday 07 September 2014
We usually dislike doubt.  We have elevated certainty to a type of idol-  where our own certainty is what makes us right.  But Jesus changes everything and turns the values of the world on its head.  Life in Jesus makes doubt a thing that actually leads us to experience profound intimacy with God.   In the end the doubter stirs authentic faith in themselves and the whole community.  

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