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God at the Movies

God at the Movies

There are many voices in our culture that claim we live in a God-starved universe.  But the truth is that God is speaking all around us.  His Spirit moves through nature, science, and the arts.  The trick is to learn to listen for His voice in the midst of our everyday.  One of the ways He speaks is through movies-   films that speak truth about God, humanity, life...or films that cause us to wrestle with our own questions about those things.   Join us this summer as we explore movies that have moved, challenged, and encouraged us.

Free your Mind

Jeff Hancock
Sunday 31 August 2014
For the last couple of months we have looked to the movies to find the gospel portrayed in a different way.  Perhaps no movie does so more completely than the Matrix.  It paints for us a picture of a humanity that is searching for something more and is caught up in a status quo that seeks to kill that search.   It is a humanity that is lied to by their own surroundings and who must be freed from the lie by the revolutionary truth.   Those freed by the truth become agents of the truth.   This is a tremendous parallel to the revolutionary truth of the message of Jesus.

In it together

Jeff Hancock
Sunday 24 August 2014
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One of my favorite movies of the last 10 years portrays, for its watchers, a radical and loving community. A community where people enter into one another’s brokenness, overcoming judgment and moving with restorative love. The Bible also imagines this kind of community for the people of God. Galatians speaks of a community formed by the work of God and driven by a truth that the love of Christ is so powerful that it blows apart normal human barriers. Is that our experience of community? What prevents it?

The True face of grace

Martijn Rutgers
Sunday 17 August 2014
Grace. It's a word we use so often as Christians that we can easily lose sight of it's true meaning. Let's try to grasp in a fresh way what grace is and how it can radically change our lives.  


Marcel van Dam
Sunday 03 August 2014

Starting from scratch has never tasted so good!

Caroline Zwart-Candelaria
Tuesday 29 July 2014
In the series "God in the Movies" we'll be using films as a jumping board to discuss some deeper issues and this week we will talk about fresh starts and new beginnings. We all know the feeling of either being stuck in an area of our life or the dread that we've somehow been derailed or even the harder reality of having a door slam shut right in front of us. Then what? How do we change direction and start to hope again? Thankfully we serve a God of second chances.

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