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Encounters With Jesus

Encounters With Jesus

The people who met Jesus Christ in person faced the same big life questions we face today.  Like most of us, the answers handed down to them didn’t seem to work in real life.  But when they met Jesus, things immediately started to change for them.  It seems he not only had the answers – he was the answer.  

Encountering Jesus today

Jack LoMonaco and Nic Jooste
Sunday 12 March 2017
The gospels are full of stories in which Jesus' personal encounter with a person changes their lives forever. But this raises the question of whether or not it is still possible to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus today?  Join us Sunday as we explore this question and hear from a Crossroader whose life speaks to this question. 

When Jesus calls your name

William Wade
Sunday 05 March 2017
When Mary Magdalene arrives at Jesus' tomb early on that first resurrection morning, she gets the shock of her life when she finds that he is gone. Weeping by the tomb's entrance, her mind is filled with questions. But when she reveals her sense of hopelessness to what looks like the graveyard gardener, everything suddenly changes...

The Wedding Party

Quentin Pereira
Sunday 26 February 2017
To love and to be loved is our great need – in our personal lives, marriages, family life and communities. However just as the wine ran out at the wedding feast, our human love is inadequate and our relationships fail. The story in John 2:1-11 shows us that just as they filled waterpots with water and Jesus transformed the tasteless, colourless and odourless water into choice, tasty wine, so too can He fill us and transform us with His divine love so that we can love as He loved and be His instruments of love to this needy world.

Two Sad Sisters and the God of the “Both-And”

Scott Curley
Sunday 19 February 2017
Jesus had a powerful and astounding encounter with two sisters who were grieving the loss of their brother. This is a story of death and life, of God and man, of who Jesus is and what he came to do. And it’s a story of the God who is “Both/And” rather than “Either/Or”.  We will discover, as they did, that he is the God we need.

Going to the well with Jesus

William Wade
Sunday 12 February 2017
Most Christians, when asked how we should live our lives, would suggest that we are to 'be like Jesus.' This is, of course, very true. However, in order to be like Jesus, we are called to take some of the groundbreaking risks he took; like getting involved with some of the scandalous people of his time. Jesus' conversation with a marginalised woman at a well led to many transformed lives. Are we willing to follow Jesus to the wells around us?

What's the Meaning of Life? Come and See.

Peter de Bos
Sunday 05 February 2017
This Sunday we will take a up close look at a skeptical student’s  (Nathanael) encounter with Jesus. Although Nathanael thought that nothing good could come from Nazareth, he accepted Philip’s invitation to “come and see” and saw the course of his life changed forever.  Jesus invitation to his first disciples to “follow me” and “come and see” is also extended to us today. The question then becomes, “Will we accept Jesus’ invitation”?  

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