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Connecting is an important value at Crossroads. In and around The Hague many organizations assist displaced persons.

Below is a list of the most relevant sites to find more info, connect with, or even buddy up with a displaced person to make them feel at home. Please let us know if you know of any organization that's missing from this list. 

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Organizations regarding displaced persons


A Letter from Greece        

A Letter from Greece raises awareness, through personal letters, about the situations
of refugees stuck in Greece with the hope that political will, to improve the situation,
can be positively impacted. 


ARQ Centrum’45       

ARQ Centrum’45 offers psychotrauma treatment and support to displaced persons and others as they process traumatic experiences.


Because We Carry   

Because We Carry works on Lesvos, Greece, often asking via Facebook for specific items to alleviate the ongoing human suffering of people arriving on their way to a safe haven.


Basic Rights    

Basic rights provides information on basic rights in the Netherlands regarding:
healthcare, housing and shelter, education, financial and material assistance, work,
family, police and detention.


Stichting Bootvluchteling    

Stichting Bootvluchteling is a foundation offering practical assistance to desperate and vulnerable refugees in Moria, Greece, including medical and psychological care.


De Halte    

De Halte is a temporary shelter for people in distressing situations.
[A project by STEK]


Dokters van de Wereld     

Dokters van de Wereld provides information about rights to medical care in the Netherlands: health care, medicine, mental health care,
pregnancy and child health care, etc.


The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA)      

DRA is a coalition of 16 Dutch aid organizations (CARE Nederland, Cordaid, Dorcas, ICCO en Kerk in Actie, Oxfam Novib, Plan Nederland, Red een Kind, Save the Children,
SOS Kinderdorpen, Stichting Vluchteling, Tear, Terre des Hommes, War Child,
War Trauma Foundation, World Vision and ZOA) who collaborate in
humanitarian interventions.



[website only in Dutch]
Emmaus is a living and working community which collects and sells assets to
provide for their own livelihood.



Gave is a Christian organization that inspires, trains, and supports volunteers to
connect with refugees and show them God's love.



Humanity House     

[website only in Dutch]
Provides digital lessons for middle school students to help them form their own opinions and to relate to the life of a refugee.


Iedereen aan de slag   

[website only in Dutch, petition in English]
A petition to broaden opportunities for undocumented refugees and migrants to
develop and participate in society through expanded volunteer, employment and education opportunities. [A project by Stichting LOS]



[website only in Dutch].
Provides information on the rights and legal options of women without a residence permit. [A project by Stichting LOS]

Incubators for Immigrants    

Provides knowledge, financial support, and assistance with the set-up to help refugees become successful entrepreneurs in the Netherlands offering them legal support and more general strategy and business mentoring. Also assist them to obtain a residence permit faster than usual.



Provides services and advice to governments and migrants searching for practical solutions to migration problems and humanitarian assistance.



Provides information and advice on health care as well as related financial issues,
legal matters, housing, and basic medical rights.


Meldpunt Vreemdelingendetentie    

The Immigration Detention Hotline aims to improve immigration detention conditions by raising political and media awareness
of conditions and assisting detainees in complaint procedures. 
[A project by Stichting LOS]


Movement on the Ground     

Provides a dignified way to offer practical help for refugees in Lesvos, Greece, and connects the locals with refugees.


NL Cares    

Offers flexible volunteer opportunities for individuals and the business community in order to connect them with vulnerable groups - including migrants.



[website only in Dutch].
Provides information, training, online learning and tailor-made advice on
healthcare, selfcare, illness, education, and integration in the Netherlands.

Samen Hier     

Enables Durch citizens to make a concrete contribution to the integration
of newcomers by sharing their network, knowledge and time. 
[A project by Justice and Peace Netherlands]


SamenSpraak Vluchtelingen      

[website only in Dutch].

SamenSpraak Vluchtelingen connects Dutch language coaches with displaced persons so they improve their speaking skills and get to know Dutch society better. 
[A project by Gilde Den Haag]

SoZa Buddy Project     

[website only in Dutch].
Links Dutch citizens with status holder refugees between the ages of 18 and 35 who have temporary residence permits. 
[A project by STEK]


Stichting Rumi     

[website only in Dutch].
The Rumi Foundation promotes self-reliance, emancipation, well-being, work participation, care and education for migrants in general, and refugees in particular.


Taal aan Zee      

[website only in Dutch].
Volunteers work as Dutch and English language buddies and coaches to
isolated foreign-language women, asylum seekers and/or refugees. 

The Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF)    

Provides materials and assistance to higher-educated refugees to help them
continue and finish their studies in the Netherlands and help them find matching jobs.


UNHCR works to protect and assist refugees everywhere. The UNHCR runs the EU-funded ESTIA accommodation and
cash assistance programs in cooperation with the government and municipalities, which should ultimately take over the project.


Stichting Vluchteling    

[website only in Dutch].
The Refugee Foundation provides both long-term humanitarian aid in crisis/conflict regions
as well as life-saving emergency assistance.


Stichting Vluchtelingen voor Vluchtelingen     

[website only in Dutch].
The Refugee for Refugee Foundation works with status holders’ financial, social, and legal matters on a daily basis.



The Dutch Council for Refugees provides personal support and represents
asylum seekers and refugees’ interests at their admission, reception and social participation.

Welcome NL     

The Welcome app aims to make newcomers feel at home in The Netherlands as
soon as possible. Connects Dutch refugees with Dutch people who want to help
refugees feel more welcome by facilitating friendships and information.



Is a basic rights information and advisory centre for undocumented migrants
in The Hague. [A project by STEK]