Life Events Baby Dedication, Baptism, Marriage

Baby Dedication

Child dedication is a wonderful opportunity for parents to publicly express their desire to see God’s plans and purposes carried out in the lives of their children.  It’s really about placing them in the safest hands possible! 
In dedicating their children, parents are essentially saying, “Child, we love you. Therefore, we are choosing to place you in the hands of the living God, who gave His Son for you, that you might have relationship with Him. You will find the fullness of life in following Him.”  The public aspect of the dedications allows the community of Christ to enter into the celebration and support of this act by the parents.


What can I expect?

A baby dedication is usually planned halfway through the service and the speaker will start by  giving a short introduction of what baby dedication is and how we approach it at Crossroads. The we ask the parents to come forward with their baby (and other children). We invite the parents to send some pictures beforehand so we can show some on the big screen. Then on stage, the parents can introduce their newborn with aid of the pictures and their relationship with him/her - as well as to say a few words about what this day means to them.  Then the speaker will ask the entire community to stand as he/she speaks a prayer of blessing over the baby and the entire family. At this time, you may step off the stage and return to your seats for the rest of the service. 
After the service there's an opportunity to gather with friends and family in the multi-purpose room for a more personal time together of prayer and connecting.

We trust that the act of dedication your baby to the Lord will be a meaningful time in which you and your family and friends will go away feeling blessed, encouraged and strengthened. 

Contact & Information

We plan baby dedications regularly throughout the year. If you would like to find out more on baby dedication or if you want to dedicate your child, please contact the Crossroads Office


Jesus called those who wanted to be Christ-followers to take part in the act of baptism as a symbol of their new life in Him. At Crossroads, we believe this gesture of responsiveness to God plays a significant role in our spiritual lives.

What can I expect?

Before you get baptized you're invited to meet with one of our pastoral staff to share your story and any questions you may have.

We have baptisms in several different ways at Crossroads: during our regular Sunday Services in a pool outside (right next to our meeting hall), on Sunday afternoon in the sea, (usually in a smaller setting) or in an evening service in another church building (so we can do the baptism inside). We ask everyone to share a little bit of their story and why you want to get baptized. Then two people will join you in the water and emerse you after which you'll be prayed for.  

Contact & Information

We have regular baptsim services throughout the year and if you would like to know more or are considering being baptized yourself, please email us at and we'll connect you with some who can guide you further.


When you are getting married, there are lots of factors to consider. Whether or not you choose to include a church wedding is one of those factors. We are not a wedding planner, but will try to connect you with people who can help meet your needs. Pastors, elders, and certain ministry leaders at Crossroads sometimes perform marriage ceremonies at Crossroads. We can talk about the options during your intake. Weddings are predominately a service we provide to those who consider Crossroads their church home.

Your first point of contact in Crossroads will be an intake appointment. This will give us the opportunity to get to know you and for you to ask questions about getting married at Crossroads. To arrange this, you can contact Crossroads Office.

Marriage Preparation

To help build a strong foundation for marriage, we ask you to take part in a marriage preparation process. In the midst of all your practical preparations, this will help you to focus on 'life after the wedding day. Usually the pastor that will perform your wedding will have several appointments with you to help you get prepared.

Practical Issues

Crossroads can help you with providing someone to perform the wedding. Crossroads has many musicians and worship leaders who may be able to help you with music for your church ceremony. We can get you in contact with the worship leaders if appropriate.