Caring, encouraging, and supporting one another arises most naturally out of existing relationships formed by “doing life” together.  Small groups which are able to create an atmosphere of warmth, trust, respect, and empathy often provide the platform for incredible healing and transformation of its group members to take place.  However, we do recognize that sometimes issues arise in our lives where support is needed beyond what can be offered within the context of a small group.  Thus, although small groups are our first line of pastoral care, we also offer one-on-one counseling, personal mentoring, practical help, prayer and visitation, and referrals to professional counseling and therapy. Our goal is that no Crossroader would be left in isolation or distress in their time of need and that Crossroads becomes a community where everybody is able to both give and receive care. 

Contact & Information

The Pastoral Care is coordinated by Miriam Phillips. She can be reached, also in the case of an emergency.



“Don’t be embarrassed by how needy your heart is and how much it needs to cry out for grace.  Just start praying.” ~ Paul E. Miller

Prayer Corner

This aspect of our prayer ministry will resume when we are able to meet in person again.

Every Sunday morning after the service, members of our prayer team are available to pray with you in confidence and safety. When we pray, we believe that God’s power and grace is released to touch and transform our lives. So if you would like to receive prayer, please feel free to come to the prayer corner located behind the book table (in the back of the coffee area).

Prayer Requests

We have a dedicated team of prayer warriors and a staff that prays weekly for our community. If you would like to receive prayer you can send your request to  If you prefer, you can also write your request on the bulletin tear-off-sheet and drop it in the offering basket or the Connection Corner on Sunday.  It is our joy and privilege to stand by your side and pray for you!

Prayer Team

The prayer team helps to ensure that Crossroads is a community of "shalom" (healing, wholeness, peace and safety) where it is natural to stand alongside each other in prayer. We are committed to building teams of mature and appropriately gifted people who are available to listen, talk, and pray for the needs of all people who consider Crossroads their “spiritual home.” 



Contact & Information, Prayer Team Coordinator

If you are interested in joining this team please contact our pastor Miriam Phillips on this email: