Serving Opportunitiesat Crossroads


Alpha course

Description: The Alpha team helps people to connect with God and others in a relaxed and friendly  setting. The Alpha course is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith by sharing a meal together, watching a video, and entering into a lively group discussion where no question is out of bounds.
Helpful Skills: We’re looking for discussion leaders with good communication and listening skills, who are not afraid of difficult questions,  and who are able to explain the gospel in everyday language.  We also need cooks who can cater for large groups and assistants who are willing to cut lots of veggies, wash dishes, serve coffee and clean-up afterwards.
Availability: Our goal is to run Alpha twice a year with a separate team. The course consists of 11 sessions and a weekend.  The Alpha team members are encouraged to be part of as many of the sessions as possible so that strong, lasting relationships are built with the participants.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  For a “first serve” opportunity the team leader will make an appointment with you to discuss further possibilities.
Contact Person: Alinda LoMonaco: 

Book Table

Description: The Book & Resource Table provides Crossroads with Christian literature and music to further help people grow in the 5 purposes of our spiritual community: worship, community, growing, participation and mission.
Helpful Skills: Love for Jesus and the willingness to serve his people. A good affinity with Christian books and/or music, and good social skills.
Availability: You will be scheduled on our Sunday morning rota approximately once a month. The Book Table is open from 11:45 to 12:00.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  You will have the opportunity to listen to your fellow Crossroaders` wishes and help them find the right book for their needs. It’s a great way to meet new people while helping them to find resources to nurture their spiritual growth.
Contact Person: Bertus de Witt,

Children's Ministry

Description: Through God’s eyes we see that each child is born a Star in God’s Kingdom: ALLSTARS! Becoming part of this team means opening your heart, not only for the children but also for God’s message to work in your own life! We recruit via ‘people with passion at the right position’ so it’s way more than being a placeholder but you get to find your place in the team and together we look for ways how you can develop your skills. You can help children feel safe, known and help them explore the gospel and have fun with them while doing so.
Helpful Skills: Passion, commitment, a learning attitude and open heart. Teaching skills & class management are things you can learn and grow in (therefore no experience is needed), the right heart and passion is something you’ll have to discover.
Availability: MiniStars (crèche) is 1x per month, in the older groups we schedule volunteers 2x in a row and then you are 4 weeks off. For all groups there are clear lesson plans available that you can use and personalize. Each Sunday all the scheduled volunteers start with prayer time and opening (with coffee and tea!) at 9:45 hrs to start off the day in peace before the kids come in. After the service you clean up the classroom.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity 1:  Currently we have 8 different age/language groups (in the ages between 0-11 years) on the Sunday morning so there’s plenty of room for you to join the team and to see where the right fit is. If you are a ‘baby person’ and like to cuddle, then the MiniStars groups are a good fit for you but maybe you like to explore the gospel by playing games, then the 6-8 years might be a good fit.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity 2: Besides helping out on a Sunday in one of the groups we are also looking for people with a passion for music (help choose and rehearse new cool songs), events (brainstorm and organize) or other organization to help out in AllStars behind the scenes.

Contact PersonsAnnie Livingston -


Connection Team

Description: The Connection Team greets visitors at the door and helps them to find a seat. We also assist in taking up the offering and seeing that  the safety regulations are being followed. After the service we are present at the connection corner where we share information, answer questions and look out for newcomers so we can help them get plugged in. It’s a wonderful way to show Gods love for everyone and meet new people.
Helpful Skills: It’s helpful if you are a ‘people person’ with a nice smile and a open and friendly personality. If you like to connect to people and connect people with each other this could be a great fit for you.
Availability: Our team members are scheduled once a month with an occasional extra shift during holidays or other activities. Swapping duties is usually no problem.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  You can join one of our team members on Sunday Morning and see how you like helping others feel “connected” at Crossroads.
Contact Person
Steve Thornhill,

Hospitality Team

Description: Joining this fun team means getting up early to prepare coffee, tea and more for the Sunday services and cleaning up afterwards. It also involves preparing hospitality for other events, meetings and parties in Crossroads. Through our serving hands we create an atmosphere where connections can be made and relationships are built!
Helpful Skills: Most important is having a heart and hands which are willing to serve others.  It’s great if you also have a passion for food & coffee. No experience is necessary.
Availability: Serving on Sundays once a month. Preparations start at 9:30 and we're done around 1:00.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  Come join us for a Sunday morning and experience the joy of serving on a fun-loving team who are feeding the nations!
Contact Person: Nathania Paula at


Description: Short-term missions trips have the potential to powerfully change hearts and impact the lives of those who go on them.  We aim to partner with mission agencies and Xrds
missionaries to help share the love of Jesus.    
Availability: on project basis.
Serving Opportunity:  Crossroads aims to participate on a trip on a regular basis


Description: Mentoring is a relational experience by which one person empowers another by transferring  God-given resources.  In our diverse community  we recognize that there are a wide-range of mentoring needs. Our goal is to help people grow and develop by helping them find the right type of mentor for their situation.
Helpful Skills: Has the desire and capability to help others in a process of spiritual growth and personal development. Effective mentors are compassionate, full of faith, skilled, trustworthy, and Christ-centered.
Availability:  Quarterly training sessions plus mentoring appointments you arrange with your mentorees
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please sign-up for a personal interview with one of the leaders of our mentoring team.    



Description: The Multimedia team helps create a dynamic environment for worship and teaching at Crossroads services through electronic media and visual arts. This means operating the laptop and working with ‘Easyworship’ software to project our visual media as well as operating the light system (when needed).
Helpful Skills: Working well under pressure and a good working knowledge of computers. No experience necessary as you will be trained. For ages 16 and up.
Availability: Our goal is to schedule team members one Sunday morning a month plus occasional evening servings.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  Come half an hour earlier to our service on a Sunday morning at Opifex and learn more about operating the multimedia equipment and lights during our Sunday morning worship services.
Contact Person: Arie Pijp;

Music Team

Description: The Music team at Crossroads helps create opportunities to worship and interact with God through music, song, and words.
Helpful Skills: All  passionate worshippers of God are welcome.! We work with auditions to see if your skill level on vocals and/or instruments is matching with the needs of our current bands. 
Availability: We currently work on a three-week rotation on Sundays and have rehearsal times in the week prior. We also have additional worship nights and weddings (upon request) that we serve by playing.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  A First Serve with the Music team involves first having a conversation with one of the pastoral staff about your spiritual journey. Then after a separate private audition you will be invited to "sit in" with one of the bands during their rehearsal .


Office / Facility

Description: During the week the office is trying to organize and prepare for all Sundays and events.
Serving Opportunity: We're always looking for office volunteers who are willing to assist in the office with diverse projects.


Prayer Team

Description: The prayer team helps to ensure that Crossroads is a community of “shalom” (healing, wholeness, peace and safety) where it is natural to stand alongside each other in prayer. After the service, prayer team members are available to listen and pray with people.
Helpful Skills: A good listener with a compassionate heart who enjoys being a channel of God’s love, grace, and healing power to others.
Availability: You will be scheduled to serve on Sunday morning once a month. Prayer meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. Quarterly prayer team meetings are also held.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  If you have a heart to bless and encourage people through prayer, we would  love to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities with you further.
Contact Person:

S.H.A.P.E Team

Description: SHAPE aims to help people discover their  unique, God-given design so that they can find meaningful opportunities to serve with joy in Crossroads and/or in our local community.  SHAPE is based on the belief that God has given every person: S-piritual gifts; H-eart motivations; A-bilities; P-ersonalities; and E-xperiences.
Helpful Skills: We are looking for people who have a heart for developing others. Good listening and interviewing skills are essential.  We will train you how to use the Uniquely You assessment tool.
Availability: We aim to run SHAPE seminars 3 times per year. The individual follow-up interviews take approximately 90 minutes.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  SHAPE team members help people to discover their personal giftedness, passions, strengths, and weaknesses. They do this by helping to facilitate SHAPE seminars  and by conducting one-on-one follow-up  interviews to help people better understand their SHAPE profile.
Contact Person:

Serve the City

Description: Serve the City aims to create community in our society by serving the city through organizing and facilitating volunteer projects to help the underprivileged in our society. We want to show The Hague that we care. We need you to make a difference during one of our next events.
Whether it is cleaning a street, having a party with kids or going for a walk with the elderly, you can make a difference!
Helpful Skills: We believe anyone has something to offer and can serve. Stay tuned on upcoming projects to see if it’s a good fit for you. If you have strong organizational and social skills we would love you to become part of our team and help setup and organize events.
Availability: The STC The Hague planning team meets about once a month.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  If you are interested in helping to organize please contact them directly and they can discuss opportunities with you. If you want to participate in a Serve the City project, sign up for our mailing list and newsfeeds on facebook. We need people like you to help keep this project moving and to make a difference in our community!


Service Directors

Description: A service director oversees the Sunday service and makes sure everyone is present, everything starts on time and things run smoothly.
Serving Opportunity: A first serve involves joining the service director on a Sunday morning in their tasks. Here you can get an idea of what this role is about. If you are interested in joining the team we will do an interview with you to find out if it’s a good fit.
Contact Person: Day Bothma,


Small Groups

Description: A small group at Crossroads is a loving and joyful mini-community, passionately  pursuing God together and growing in authentic relationships that make a difference. With the Small Group Leadership team we aim to develop the ministry into a healthy and thriving ministry and actively encourage growth in faith. We do this by placing seekers in groups, developing and shepherding (new) Small Group leaders, organize leader trainings, leader meetings, Small Group Meet & Greets and organize content and materials.  
Helpful Skills: Leadership, facilitation, organizing. If you have a passion and vision for Small Groups and have led or have been part of a group yourself for some time  we would love to hear from you.
Availability: The team aims to meet regularly and you will be part of some (leader or seeker) meetings depending on your role within the team.
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  We are looking for people to strengthen our leadership team and/or who are open to lead a small group. If you want to find out more, we will set up an meeting with someone from the SG team who can provide you with all the details.

Setup and takedownteam

Description: The Setup and takedown team make our Zandvliet services possible by placing the chairs, stacking them up again after the service and move all church stuff from our storage to the school and back. All stuff is placed in carts, no heavy lifting is required. Setup is generally on Sundays from 8:30 un til 10 am, takedown is on Sundays from 12 pm until 13:30 pm. You are scheduled as often as you like, usually either setup or takedown every 3-4 weeks. Other frequencies can be discussed. Contact Person: Peter Zwart,


Sound team

Description: The Sound team is responsible for the setup and operation of electronic equipment  in order to make the creative music, multimedia and vocal talent existing within the Crossroads community clearly heard and positively experienced.
Serving Opportunity: A First Serve with the Sound- take down team will be setting up an appointment with the team leader and talk about your skills and experience.

Women's Ministry

Description:  “You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colours in the world” Matthew 5:16. Do you want to explore how to bring God’s colour into your life and the lives of those around you? Join us on Thursday October 8thth 7.30pm as we launch a new Womens’ Ministry where we will make space one evening a month to sing, to share, to smile and to discover the uniquely colourful way God has created each one of us.
Contact Person:

Youth Ministry

Description: The Crossroads Youth Ministry team aims to model to teens how to have a genuine relationship with God by creating a place where teens can Belong, Believe and Become. (12-18+). We walk alongside teens as they learn to own their faith and live out a Godly life in the midst of life's challenges. We believe that sharing life together includes eating, laughing, praying, and learning together, to name a few things 
Helpful Skills: A deep love for God and his people; a willingness to be a friend to teens and commitment to invest time, energy and enthusiasm in our younger Crossroaders
Availability: Once a month during the Sunday morning service or every other Friday evening and if possible during the social events
‘First Serve’ Opportunity:  1) We're looking for more volunteers to join our Sunday morning team which leads the Bible studies during the services
Contact Person: Caroline Zwart: or 06-15858523