Serving & SHAPE

Crossroads is a community with many activities throughout the week and most of these are run by volunteers. So to make church happen we all need to contribute! We believe that serving is part of being community. If you'd like to help out on Sundays or during the week, there are many ways to get involved!

What Serving Opportunities do we have?

Here´s an idea of most of our ministries and the opportunities we have there. Maybe you have a specific skill or talent that is not mentioned in the list, but don't hesitate to let us know any way you would like to contribute!

How do I sign up?

If you're interested to serve we offer a one-time-opportunity we call a 'First Serve'. During a first serve you can join in once, free of obligation and see if it fits for a short or long term commitment. You can fill out a information card at the Connection Corner on Sundays or contact the Crossroads Office

Not sure where to serve?

If you are not sure where or how to serve consider participating in a SHAPE workshop where we take a closer look at the unique persons God has made each of us to be. 
Discovering how God created you can be exciting and enlightening.  When we live according to God’s unique design for us, we begin experiencing joy, passion, and purpose in our lives.  SHAPE is one way in which Crossroads helps people discover their God-given SHAPE – which in turn allows Crossroads to recognize and affirm the unique giftedness and passions of individuals within our community.

SHAPE is based on the belief that God has given every person: S-piritual gifts, H-eart motivations (passion), A-bilities, P-ersonalities, and E-xperiences. The first step in the “SHAPE” process is to attend an evening SHAPE seminar in which you will find out more about your own unique design via teaching, group interaction, and various assessment tools. A follow-up interview will be scheduled later to assist people in understanding their SHAPE profile. This interview can lead to meaningful interaction with others (i.e. ministry team leaders, pastoral staff, mentors, etc.) to discuss possible “good matches” for opportunities to serve both within and outside of Crossroads.